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Ichariba Ohana, Ichariba Ohana!
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Female Villager and Croagunk pencils! by malachitecat Female Villager and Croagunk pencils! :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 5 0 Stitch - Low Gravity Tribute (sketch) by malachitecat Stitch - Low Gravity Tribute (sketch) :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 11 2 Splatoon Inkling OC - Rena by malachitecat Splatoon Inkling OC - Rena :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 6 0 Splatoon - Older Inkling Girl concept sketches by malachitecat Splatoon - Older Inkling Girl concept sketches :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 10 0 Juniper Lee ink by malachitecat Juniper Lee ink :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 10 3 Armello - Sylas by malachitecat Armello - Sylas :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 6 0 Night in the Woods - Shapes (feat. Tetris) by malachitecat Night in the Woods - Shapes (feat. Tetris) :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 18 1 Stitch! - Yuna by malachitecat Stitch! - Yuna :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 7 0 Ni no Kuni 2 - Tani by malachitecat Ni no Kuni 2 - Tani :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 3 0 Night in the Woods - Mae by malachitecat Night in the Woods - Mae :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 10 1 Arms - Master Mummy by malachitecat Arms - Master Mummy :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 5 0 Puyo Puyo Tetris Jay And Elle stamp by malachitecat Puyo Puyo Tetris Jay And Elle stamp :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 6 0 Random Dream 4/17/2017 - Walrus bounce by malachitecat Random Dream 4/17/2017 - Walrus bounce :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 2 0 Puyo Puyo - Ringo beach by malachitecat Puyo Puyo - Ringo beach :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 11 12 Sketch - Stealth Elf and Juniper Lee by malachitecat Sketch - Stealth Elf and Juniper Lee :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 1 2 Final Fantasy Legend 2 Stamp by malachitecat Final Fantasy Legend 2 Stamp :iconmalachitecat:malachitecat 2 0


Coco bandicoot 4 by erfadads Coco bandicoot 4 :iconerfadads:erfadads 620 44 Lego ARMS - Mechanica by Djokson Lego ARMS - Mechanica :icondjokson:Djokson 123 9 Stay Fresh! by thatLD Stay Fresh! :iconthatld:thatLD 528 29 Twiss by LeniProduction Twiss :iconleniproduction:LeniProduction 45 5 It's Selmers! by TasDraws It's Selmers! :icontasdraws:TasDraws 207 11 Big Brother by AbsoluteDream Big Brother :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 5,264 410 Better than Wumpa by Lilliflora Better than Wumpa :iconlilliflora:Lilliflora 37 9 Pokemon - Lusamine by MLeth Pokemon - Lusamine :iconmleth:MLeth 690 54 GAME OVER RETURN OF GANON by Kaigetsudo GAME OVER RETURN OF GANON :iconkaigetsudo:Kaigetsudo 567 77
Writing Tips - How to Write Child Characters
Like most writers, there are many similarities and patterns that emerge across my stories. Some of it is author appeal - going into great details about locales, for instance. I’ve really come to like describing places, and clothing for some reason. Some of it is style. And some of it I’m probably doing unconsciously. It isn’t exactly a bad thing, although I am aware that if I don’t reel some of these things in at a certain point, they can get old and tired. However, one thing that crosses almost all of my works is that most of my characters are children.
I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I think that I write children very well. At the very least, it’s what most people seemed to want me to do a writing tips on. And since this series had been on a hiatus for way too long, I thought that I’d take this one on. Because writing children… is a very easy thing to screw up.
Most writers are adults, and a lot of people have forgotte
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 447 58
Jackie Lynn Thomas by sharkie19 Jackie Lynn Thomas :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 1,840 25
Having an Online Presence
"All artists need to have an online presence," I said.
"Easy for you to say, Popular Artist
," they said.
"I had to work hard to get 'popular'," I said
"But it's SOOO hhaaaaAAARD," they said
"That's what I just said," I said.
    After making my status posts about making an online presence, I figured I'd make a sort of guide. I made a very generic list of things you should do as an artist who wants to get their name out there or "get popular". A lot of people were like, "but I've done all of that". But chances are, you haven't. There's a lot that goes into this and it takes a long ass time. Don't think it's just gonna happen in a month.
    So I made a guide based on my own experience and what worked for me (as an illustrator/artist. Some of these tips are more specific than others and some of these will not necessarily work for you. Everyone's different. Keep in mind this is mostly for illustrators/animators/story artists etc. This won't work fo
:iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,452 201
Rosalina and Luma - Puyo Puyo Art Style by RingoAndou Rosalina and Luma - Puyo Puyo Art Style :iconringoandou:RingoAndou 342 27 Super Mario by MaxGrecke Super Mario :iconmaxgrecke:MaxGrecke 2,521 87 The Pretty Cure OC Guide by sekaiichihappy The Pretty Cure OC Guide :iconsekaiichihappy:sekaiichihappy 83 55 Starters by foxlett Starters :iconfoxlett:foxlett 3,318 199
My recent favorites!

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Girl In Melon by Windam Girl In Melon :iconwindam:Windam 17 6 Cleaner from Hell by PriestessLeiLei Cleaner from Hell :iconpriestessleilei:PriestessLeiLei 26 5 -Texture-Like-Sun- by Spyroflamesredsbum -Texture-Like-Sun- :iconspyroflamesredsbum:Spyroflamesredsbum 388 132 Elora by Razzek by Lilliflora Elora by Razzek :iconlilliflora:Lilliflora 22 9 Loco Roco: Muh-sheeka by Lilliflora Loco Roco: Muh-sheeka :iconlilliflora:Lilliflora 31 31 Painted Soil by Lilliflora Painted Soil :iconlilliflora:Lilliflora 14 10 Dylan by Windam Dylan :iconwindam:Windam 7 2 Dylan and Colin by Windam Dylan and Colin :iconwindam:Windam 12 8 Midnight Flight.. by Ag3nt-Sparx Midnight Flight.. :iconag3nt-sparx:Ag3nt-Sparx 108 66 Garden Path by MaGLIL Garden Path :iconmaglil:MaGLIL 2,469 167 Me-ish by Demiasghost Me-ish :icondemiasghost:Demiasghost 1 26 Fuzzy Little Man Peach :3 by Spyroflamesredsbum Fuzzy Little Man Peach :3 :iconspyroflamesredsbum:Spyroflamesredsbum 276 145 Spongebabe and Gary by NeoSlashott Spongebabe and Gary :iconneoslashott:NeoSlashott 1,498 182 some mountains by SomethingEveryDay some mountains :iconsomethingeveryday:SomethingEveryDay 349 49 Kim vs juniper by PuppyloveBrandy Kim vs juniper :iconpuppylovebrandy:PuppyloveBrandy 126 18 Missing you by Liloexp626 Missing you :iconliloexp626:Liloexp626 144 123
Randoms from my favorites!


malachitecat's Profile Picture
Michael Mark Maquilan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
(Pictured from left to right: Malco, persona; Phil, the mascot of this channel.)

About me

Yo, dudes! I'm Malachite Cat. I draw what I want, what I like, when I feel like it! I only get to draw and post periodically depending on inspiration and willpower!

Other than that, I collect amiibo, Skylanders and Infinity toys even if I don't play those games. I spend a lot of time on videogames and I tend to stick to a game for a long time (but not so long that I can speedrun it, heh heh), so you see me playing RPGs a lot.

Also, I'm an old man! I'm old but I feel quite young!

To all the girls characters I've loved before...

Stuff I like and liked!

Final Fantasy Legend 2 Stamp by malachitecat .:Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link (NES):. by Mitochondria-Raine Splatoon Stamp by faesis Chrono Trigger Stamp by SparkLum Cave Story Love by drinkdecaf Armello Stamp by WinterFrostDragon Night in the Woods Stamp by WinterFrostDragon Mythbusters stamp by sandwedge

And of course I like the shows and games the girls characters I've loved before have featured in. <3

Commissions and Requests

Requests may be open, however, note the above point about "inspiration-based" so expect delays, and also here's the usual disclaimers for my own protection:

* I reserve the right to not do it, not ink it, not color it, not finish it, take forever.
* Certain ideas or uninteresting characters may reduce interest.
* Following up may reduce interest.
* Being inspiration-based, if I don't feel like it, not even money can make me draw whatever it is. (SADLY!)


Female Villager and Croagunk pencils!
This is about two separate things!

Female Villager has gotten me really lucky and highly improbable wins and escapes in Mario Kart. OK I actually use the Comet Bike or Sport Bike instead of City Tripper to win, but this scooter is more iconic to Villager than that one so I used this instead.

Croagunk is to celebrate the announcement of Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch.

As for what they're doing? I like to think they're doing a victory lap together and her co-pilot Croagunk is just stylishly jumping off.

This is kinda neat, I might actually draw more female villager on bikes...

Villager (c) Nintendo
Croagunk (c) The Pokémon Company, Inc., Game Freak, Nintendo
Splatoon Inkling OC - Rena
Name: Rena a.k.a. "Minnow" (name/nickname subject to change)
Favorite ink/"hair" color: Teal
Favorite weapons: L-3 Nozzlenose, Splat Dualies, garden hoses

Like most Inklings, Rena likes Turf Wars... however when growing older, life just kinda gets in the way and she's got to make ends meet as a clothing store employee, where she picked up her penchant for more traditional robes. While usually a bit reserved and polite and content in normal society, Turf Wars just brings out her excitable and aggressive side.

As much as she likes to try to carry any Turf War teams she ends up on, she can get pretty reckless in combat, earning her the kinda derogatory nickname of "the minnow", because she's usually darting really quickly across the battlefield... and becoming bait.

Inklings (c) Nintendo
Splatoon - Older Inkling Girl concept sketches
Ok so in the process of creating a new Inkling OC who's a bit older for a project, I made some designs I'm not gonna use. So might as well say that you can borrow/use/adopt them if you want.

The girl on the right is reserved, though!

Splatoon and Inklings (c) Nintendo
Tagged by: :iconlilliflora:

-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
-No tagging back

1. If you could travel anywhere at all (even to a fictional place), where would you go?
> I would probably want to visit Azeroth. You know, the setting of Warcraft! It's the first and probably only video game place I thought I wanted to explore personally.

2. What is your favorite mythical creature?
> Griffins, probably. A recent development. But I'm answering this right now, so Griffins it is. I'm thinking up a griffin mascot kinda character right now.

3. What musical instrument do you like best?
> The saxophone makes the best notes, but I'd love to learn drums.

4. What is your favorite time of day?
> Late afternoon is when I work the hardest.

5. What is your favorite thing about your favorite fictional character?
> She's a tomboy! Now guess who's my favorite fictional character. :)

6. If you could choose anything at all to symbolize yourself, what would you pick? Why?
> A monkey. I'm a goofball and an oddball.

7. What’s your favorite fairytale?
> I didn't like any of them. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood if Little Red was an assassin. Say, does Pixar's Brave count?

8. If you had to give up one of your senses which would you most willing to part with?
> Hearing seems to be the least of all evils. (Some might pick Touch but I actually like that...)

9. What type of natural disaster do you consider most frightening? Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons, volcanic eruptions, or something else?
> I would say the locust swarm from the Seven Plagues of Egypt is pretty scary.

10. What was the funniest or strangest dream you ever had?
> I was being massaged by Gwen, the mother of one of my OC's, Percival. Gwen's actually kinda buff so it hurt a lot.

11. If you could only save three items from your room and it was burning, what items would you pick?
> Laptop, Nintendo Switch, iPad.

12. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen right now where would you try to hide?
> My apartment. Until I run out of food. Then I die.

13. If the antagonist from the last movie you watched was out to take over the world and only you could stop them, who would you pick as your adventuring companion? The protagonist from the last game you played or the main character from the last book you read? Explain.
Last movie I watched: Brave; Antagonist: Mordu (Do you want Elinor to take over the world?)
Last game I played: Mario Kart 8; Protagonist: Mario
Last book I read: Zootopia Novelization; Protagonist: Judy Hopps
> I'll take Mario. He's taken on huge stuff and Bowser before, I bet he can find a way to stop and exorcize that demon bear. Judy doesn't really have any experience against the supernatural, and I doubt darts or bullets can stop Mordu.

So tags. Well I don't wanna spam DA, so I don't mind not tagging anyone. But if you want me to make 13 questions for you, do reply to this journal and I'll oblige! I will make it heavily personalized based on your faves and preferences and fandoms. Yes, I'm aware this violates another rule...


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Hi, I am confused why did you never answered me back anything as I don't understand the reason, have you seen this at all… I waiting for your comment on this wonderful editing I done a month ago as you must of, already read that one here on ur profile I wrote back on 2017-05-12 I need your fun answers back, please?
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And that's a very cool remix, too.
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You're welcome! Know the song it comes from? :)
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Other than it being a remix of dee jay's theme from super street fighter 2, I'm not sure what else. :)
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Hey there, malachite. I just wanted to ask you if you managed to find a good screencap of the SS Tetra from Puyo Puyo Tetris.
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