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Ichariba Ohana, Ichariba Ohana!
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Splatoon Art Compilation

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Some of the newest and freshest Splatoon fanart on DA. Mostly Off the Hook related.


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Writing Tips - How to Write Child Characters
Like most writers, there are many similarities and patterns that emerge across my stories. Some of it is author appeal - going into great details about locales, for instance. I’ve really come to like describing places, and clothing for some reason. Some of it is style. And some of it I’m probably doing unconsciously. It isn’t exactly a bad thing, although I am aware that if I don’t reel some of these things in at a certain point, they can get old and tired. However, one thing that crosses almost all of my works is that most of my characters are children.
I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I think that I write children very well. At the very least, it’s what most people seemed to want me to do a writing tips on. And since this series had been on a hiatus for way too long, I thought that I’d take this one on. Because writing children… is a very easy thing to screw up.
Most writers are adults, and a lot of people have forgotte
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 453 61
Jackie Lynn Thomas by sharkie19 Jackie Lynn Thomas :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 1,926 25
Having an Online Presence
"All artists need to have an online presence," I said.
"Easy for you to say, Popular Artist
," they said.
"I had to work hard to get 'popular'," I said
"But it's SOOO hhaaaaAAARD," they said
"That's what I just said," I said.
    After making my status posts about making an online presence, I figured I'd make a sort of guide. I made a very generic list of things you should do as an artist who wants to get their name out there or "get popular". A lot of people were like, "but I've done all of that". But chances are, you haven't. There's a lot that goes into this and it takes a long ass time. Don't think it's just gonna happen in a month.
    So I made a guide based on my own experience and what worked for me (as an illustrator/artist. Some of these tips are more specific than others and some of these will not necessarily work for you. Everyone's different. Keep in mind this is mostly for illustrators/animators/story artists etc. This won't work fo
:iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,442 205
Featured from my favorites!

Random Favourites

Midnight Flight.. by Ag3nt-Sparx Midnight Flight.. :iconag3nt-sparx:Ag3nt-Sparx 111 66 Garden Path by MaGLIL Garden Path :iconmaglil:MaGLIL 2,465 167 Me-ish by Demiasghost Me-ish :icondemiasghost:Demiasghost 1 26 Fuzzy Little Man Peach :3 by Spyroflamesredsbum Fuzzy Little Man Peach :3 :iconspyroflamesredsbum:Spyroflamesredsbum 278 145 Spongebabe and Gary by NeoSlashott Spongebabe and Gary :iconneoslashott:NeoSlashott 1,494 182 some mountains by SomethingEveryDay some mountains :iconsomethingeveryday:SomethingEveryDay 349 49 Kim vs juniper by PuppyloveBrandy Kim vs juniper :iconpuppylovebrandy:PuppyloveBrandy 128 18 Missing you by Liloexp626 Missing you :iconliloexp626:Liloexp626 146 123 Eevee the Unique by DesertxSnow Eevee the Unique :icondesertxsnow:DesertxSnow 4 13 Nehalem - 2 by Windam Nehalem - 2 :iconwindam:Windam 26 11 Fennec Foxes Collab Tryout by LemonLimeCola Fennec Foxes Collab Tryout :iconlemonlimecola:LemonLimeCola 12 18 Nello and Patrasche by Windam Nello and Patrasche :iconwindam:Windam 57 38 Of Moths and Mirabilis' by Lashael Of Moths and Mirabilis' :iconlashael:Lashael 11 8 Frog Explorer by megawolf77 Frog Explorer :iconmegawolf77:megawolf77 45 14 The Core of all Evil by Windam The Core of all Evil :iconwindam:Windam 5 11
Random favorites!


malachitecat's Profile Picture
Michael Mark Maquilan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
(Pictured from left to right: Malco, persona; Phil, the mascot of this channel.)




About me

Yo, dudes! I'm Malachite Cat. I draw what I want, what I like, when I feel like it! I only get to draw and post periodically depending on inspiration and willpower!

Other than that, I collect amiibo, Skylanders and Infinity toys even if I don't play those games. I spend a lot of time on videogames and I tend to stick to a game for a long time (but not so long that I can speedrun it, heh heh), so you see me playing RPGs a lot.

Also, I'm an old man! I'm old but I feel quite young!

To all the girls characters I've loved before...

Stuff I like and liked!

Final Fantasy Legend 2 Stamp by malachitecat .:Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link (NES):. by Mitochondria-Raine Splatoon Stamp by faesis Chrono Trigger Stamp by SparkLum Cave Story Love by drinkdecaf :thumb606596396: Night in the Woods Stamp by WinterFrostDragon Mythbusters stamp by sandwedge

And of course I like the shows and games the girls characters I've loved before have featured in. <3

Commissions and Requests

Requests may be open, however, note the above point about "inspiration-based" so expect delays, and also here's the usual disclaimers for my own protection:

* I reserve the right to not do it, not ink it, not color it, not finish it, take forever.
* Certain ideas or uninteresting characters may reduce interest.
* Following up may reduce interest.
* Being inspiration-based, if I don't feel like it, not even money can make me draw whatever it is. (SADLY!)


Steven Universe - I Miss You Like Crazy
I heard the lyrics of the song and I thought a parody will be nice. So I watched the video and created a parody...

No, not the Moffats song... the Natalie Cole song!

Ok, so I realized at first that the piano guy and the singer are superimposed at that part of the music video. BUT, I decided to just make them one shot instead of creating the illusion they're superimposed on each other. Thanks to having a reference pic, I was able to copy the lighting and the shading of it. Well mostly the lighting. The shading was... whatever looked right based on the light source.

For inspiration I gained last song syndrome for this song.


Well I guess it's a good time to talk about me and Steven Universe, the TV Show.

In the end, I decided I didn't like the show, and dropped it.

Because I didn't like the gem war plot, and that was the main plot, instead of the Slice of Life that I preferred.

To be fair, I watched one whole season of it, so I can say I gave it a fair chance.

I still like Connie and Steven so I will still periodically draw art of them.

Finally, this pic is kinda dedicated to the fans who are lamenting the current hiatus of Steven Universe episodes... do you miss the show already, like crazy?


Steven Universe and all related characters (c) Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network
RIP Natalie Cole... it's only been one year since you've been gone, but already, I miss you like crazy .


If you liked this pic, why don'tcha check out my other Steven Universe (mostly Connie) pics? Click here!
Splatoon - Callie cuts loose!
I've never actually drawn the Squid Sisters, weird! Well now I've drawn one of them.

Not an official pose, but I assure you it's possible!

Splatoon and Callie (c) Nintendo

If you liked the pic, how about checking out some of my other stuff?
Splatoon - Marina by malachitecat  Splatoon - Pearl by malachitecat  Pokemon - Halloween Fairy Tale Sisters by malachitecat  Splatoon - Inklings Arrested (Done) by malachitecat  Blaze Kick by malachitecat
Tolbi Tales - Pandora
Trying out a new style! More anime eyes and actual eyelashes and sclerae too, heh heh.

Thank you for the inspiration - Plague of Gripes and your Poppy Pic at:…

Phil (c) me
Tolbi Tales - Pandora character sheet (2017-09-04)
Introducing: Pandora.

Phil and Malco will meet her shortly before the story begins.

Pandora is conservative and likes dressing semi-formally. She's a mage aspirant specializing in water.

Tolbi Tales is planned to be a slice of life webcomic with fantasy elements.

Characters (c) me


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